Chapter 2 is out

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Hohohoho !  Chapter 2 of  project Z is now online

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Grasp of Death

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“Run!” Kris shouted as the zombies approach them. They’re almost out of ammunitions.  “We can’t fight them with our bare hands!” Jo said. They ran as fast as they could, trying to find a safe place to hide. Kris spotted a shop to her right fortunately it was a gun and ammunitions store. Kris immediately headed towards the store, Jo trailing behind her.

“Shit! It’s locked!” Kris said. “Move aside,” Jo slammed the door knob with her AK47 Assault Rifle until it was destroyed. Inside, the shelves were lined with high calibre firearms – M-2 Carbine, M-14, MP-43, MP-44 and STG-44 Assault Rifles, Colt M16, Model 614, 5.56mm Machine Gun and many others. It was paradise for Jo. Since she was 5 she was taught by her father, a soldier, how to hold and fire a gun. It has become a part of her life. Kris on the other hand was just a beginner. The first time she fired a gun was just three days ago, when the whole zombie shit started. It was also around that time that she met Jo.

“Jo, we have to lock the door!” Kris half-shouted. “Oh, I’m sorry I forgot.” Jo looked around. “Bingo! Help me with that” Jo said pointing the table at the corner.  “Okay, on three, let’s lift this up and block the door. One, Two, Three! “ Jo said. “It’s heavier than it looks” Kris murmured. The two were successful in blocking the door. “We’re safe here as long as we won’t create any noise that will attract there attention.” Jo said.

Jo was looking through the shop’s window, surveying the situation outside. “Jo behind you!” Kris shouted. From behind the counter came a zombie. Jo stepped back but the thing caught hold of her hand. She tried to shake of the zombie and after that ran behind it and held its head using her AK47 Assault Rifle.  Kris rushed towards one of the cabinets and broke the glass.

Kris grabbed an AK47 Assault Rifle. After that, she rushed to the ammunitions cabinet. “AK47… AK47…there you are!”

“Make it fast Kris! I can’t hold him much longer!” Jo said while still struggling with the zombie.

“I think I’m not capable of holding this kind of firearm! I’m only use calibre 45!” Kris exclaimed in panic.

“Just imagine that you are holding a calibre 45! You can do it Kris!” With that, Kris pointed the gun at the zombie’s head and pulled the trigger. Jo closed her eyes, praying that Kris’ aim would not miss. The zombie fell. Kris yelled and jumped while Jo was relieved. She didn’t expect to live after Kris pulled the trigger. However, the commotion inside the store attracted the zombies outside.

“Jo, they’re trying to barge in!” In a short time, they got everything they needed- new guns and a lot of ammo. The table that they used to block the door was shuddering as zombies tried to force their way in. And in an instant, the zombies were finally able to enter.

Blood squirted all over the place. One after the other those walking dead stated to fall to the ground but still, more and more are heading towards them.

“We have to get out of here Jo. This place will be swamped in a matter of minutes!” Kris said. “Over there! There’s a window! I’ll take care of the zombies here, you go kill those outside.” Jo said.

Jo continued shooting at the zombies inside the store and thankfully only a few zombies were outside the window that Kris managed to kill them all.

Using the end of her gun, Jo smashed the window. She immediately stepped out and turned around to cover Kris. The two were successful in escaping the store and both started running.

They were running around the city, using the alleys to hide from those horrible things. The two stopped momentarily, to catch their breaths and to try to figure out where to stay for the night. They were behind a restaurant when suddenly, something grabbed Kris’ left foot. Kris screamed as loud as she could and tried to break free of the zombies’ grip. Jo tried to aim at the creature but can’t get a clear shot.

Kris screamed once again and this time, she has finally stopped moving letting Jo have a clear shot. The zombie finally fell dead. Kris cried in pain. Jo tried to help her up but the girl just kept on staring at the bite. “Kill me.” Kris uttered. “No. I can’t do that.” Jo replied. “You killed all your friends, your neighbors and your own family. And right now, you tell me that you can’t kill me?”

“Do you think it was easy for me to kill everyone I know? I nearly went crazy after seeing the corpses!” Jo retorted.

“Please Jo! I want to be me when I die! I don’t want to become one of them!” Kris pleaded.

The wind blew gently that cold afternoon. The whole world lay in chaos. And in that moment when the sun has finally began to set, a lone gunshot echoed.

Project Z

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Roy is running. Looking for a safe place to hide. The zombies are everywhere. His right arm is bleeding bitten by a zombie. In few hours he will become one of them.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2


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